PC and Printer Problems at EQ 2015 thru

Dec 17, 2015,VL, on EQ07, patron getting a blank page when trying to play Farmville via Facebook. (Comment by Children's dept. "The Kids don't play Farmville")

it worked on the Guest PCs. I restarted EQ07 and it now works with Farmville- but always gets stuck at some point- and then refreshing the screen gets it unstuck--- Farmville works via Flash I think, VL

On iPads, "Farmville 2" has a free APP that works, but Farmville (1) intentionally doesn't display the Graphics---couldn't find an APP, was using the Facebook app to try it.


Dec. 18, 2015, VL, just helped a lady print a PDF from an email attachment---nothing was actually wrong- but she needed my help to understand that "download" led to needing to Click on "Open" and then to Click on the "Print" icon....sending it to the Print controller.


Dec.18, 2015, VL, Helped 3 people so far today to click on the very small internet address area, type their internet destination, and hit the Enter key.