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Collection Profile

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Group Project


Note: Paperbacks deteriorate within 50 circ. Hardbacks are in much better shape at above 110 circs.



Sample Numerical Statistics Collection Profile: http://library.usu.edu/coldev/docs/USU-Profile-oct2006.html



Good circs on newer standard items: Microsoft Office, Mac, PCs for dummies, Windows Xp and now, Vista.


We need books about Java.


Sample Collection Profile:http://www.lib.adfa.edu.au/collection_profiles/itee.htm


Think of this wiki as a shared online whiteboard. Your entire group can share information using this wiki, making your research accessible to everyone. Play around with this wiki: Notice how you can add comments to a page, see what people have changed, and edit all the text.








Seem to be receiving too many religion books.

Replace Joseph Campbell's Masks of God



Company Histories do not circulate.

Note: How to live with medical conditions at about 361.

Good circs on Forensic files, True detective and police stories.

Relatively large Train and aiplane book collections ( future book displays)

Holidays and Etiquette appear well covered.

Need books about Clast and GRE.

Books that portray unions in a positive way.



Good circs of basic language books and dictionaries.

No circs of rare languages.




Some nature travel/ ecotourism

Good circs of basic math books.

Poor circs on advanced topics.

We need general books about each of the following: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus.

Need to update the Science books in General: new Editions needed.




sample Collection Profile:


Florida gardening books need updating

Small anatomy section-keep updated

Strong diet book collection

Add more weightlifting/ strength training books

Strong recipe book collection

Adequate but aging home repair collection

We need books about caring for palm trees (no more tree encyclopedias- really need books about caring for trees)

Need: Health career assistance books

Need: Certified Nursing Assistant study guides and handbooks

Need: more items on dealing with drug abuse in terms of parenting kids with drug problems, dialogue to use, and dealing with the legal issues of teen drug abuse.



  • We need books about Russian Art
  • We need books about art restoration
  • Some Anime/Manga is not circing well- Is not well displayed
  • Updated books about architecture and the history of architecture. Then we can get rid of our set of books from the 1960's.
  • We need less artsy, high-level graphic novels. Only the YA bang-bang-shoot-em-up ones are circulating.
  • Jazz, Opera and Classical circ very poorly,especially Jazz.
  • We need books about learning piano, drums, and playing guitar. Would also like DVD's about that. This part is in really bad shape. We could plan a field trip to Troll Music in Venice. They have a great selection.
  • Need updated Fishing books
  • Need more sports books



We need the following:

  • Latin American Poets
  • German Poets
  • French Poets
  • Ancient Greece (already have Homer, but need Sappho, etc.)
  • Some poets deserve a whole book, not just being in an anthology- Samuel Coleridge,Walt Whitman, Lord Byron, John Wilmot (second Earl of Rochester- might only be able to get biography), Anne Bradstreet, William Wordsworth, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Phillis Wheatley, Alexander Pope, Emily Bronte, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, ee. cummings (need poetry- not biography)
  • Modern Poetry- 20th Century Poetry
  • Canterbury Tales- we already have the prose, but we also need the poetry version.
  • A book about limericks
  • Humour books
  • John Dryden
  • Beat Poetry
  • Restoration Plays
  • Drama is in very bad shape. Would like books of well-known plays by famous playwrights (one book for each playwright). Exceptions to this- already have quite a bit of Arthur Miller and Eugene O'Neill.



-Need updated material on: Ancient Greece (just a little more on Greece),Assyria, Mesopotamia, the ancient world in general. Rome is in okay shape, but others areas need help.

-Also Need:

  • Ancient Egypt. When we get new Egypt books, please replace the ones from the seventies. The subjects that need replacing are King Tut, Pyramids, pharoahs, Ramses II, Architecture and Sculpture.
  • Celts
  • Vikings
  • People in Ice Age
  • Prehistoric man
  • middle ages and renaissance
  • Lost cities in the ancient world
  • We need more US atlases to check out. We need Atlases of specific areas- not world atlases. Maybe we should shoot for continents (Asian Atlas, Eureopean, etc.)
  • Historical Atlases would be good- maybe a couple of comprehensive ones.
  • At least one book about the origin of the alphabet.
  • Russian History
  • collecting arrowheads
  • the study of archaeology
  • need updated version of world flag book
  • photographic guide of Vietnam
  • photographic guide of Vietnam War
  • Tibet's history
  • Jerusalem (history, not conflict)
  • Saudi Arabia- history
  • Tianamen Square (one book would be good)
  • Central Asian States (need a lot)
  • Iran history and government
  • Palestine (just a little bit more)
  • Thailand
  • Lebanon
  • Jordan
  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • African nations
  • Former nations of Yugoslavia
  • Nations in South America
  • South Pacific (nations)
  • Panama Canal
  • Antarctica
  • Byzantium

Travel guide for Atlanta GA

Genealogy (Eng. Genealogy Society meets at EQ)

World War II and Civil War books are popular and need updates



Keep your drafts here so you can refer to earlier versions.


Florida Books


Need to update Fossil and Shell books

Strong in legal and plant books.


Large Print


  • Paperbacks deteriorate within 50 circ. Hardbacks are in much better shape at above 110 circs.
  • Excellent circulation of fiction titles: Chiclit, mysteries, westerns
  • Replace The Garment by Catherine Cookson
  • Replace 1966 large print Grolier dictionary



Replace the following:

A death in the family by James Agee

Beware of the bouquet by Joan Aiken

Dark interval by Joan Aiken

Harms way by Catherine Aird

The Hero Ship by Hank Searls

The Privateer by Josephine Tey

Replace 1950 version of Vanity Fair (Thackery)


Could use more Malamud and Thomas Mann

Need more:



Arthur Miller

Henry Miller

George Orwell

Ayn Rand


Upton Sinclair

Nero Wolfe by Stout







Need Adoption Guide

Veteran's Guide to Benefits

Jail Directory



Religion and Mythology books in the collection are mostly from 1998 and before and need updating.

Get 3rd and 4th? volumes of the Encylopeida of Christianity, Fahlbusch


Also for Symbolism Dictionaries

Update: Catalog of Catalogs

Update: International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences


Update: Acronyms, Initialisms, Abbreviations- suggest all libs get online version to Central selectors


Need to update Science Reference: McGraw Ency of Sci. is more than 10 years old. Available online?

Sci. Am Science Desk Reference is from 1999..."Astronomy & Space" is from 1997.

Gale Ency of Science is from 1997

Newest Chronology of Science is up to 2002

Notable Twentieth Century Scientists is from 1994

"Space Almanac" is from 1989

Rare and endangered biota of Florida / Ray E. Ashton- EQ doesan't have volumes 2, 3 and 5

"Cambridge Atlas of Astronomy" is from 1984

Atlas and Encyclopedia of the Sea is dated 1989

"Introduction to Bacteria" c1981


To Update/replace:

Columbia University of Physicians and Surgeons Complete Home medical guide

Encyclopedia of mental health, Kahn

Merck manual of geriatrics (EQ 1990 ed. deleted)

Complete Book of Food counts Netzer


To update/replace:

A Visual dictionary of Art

Official price Guide to Fine art

Masterpieces of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Montebello

Hisplop's international price Guide to Fine art

 Encyclopedia of Country Music c1977

Ency. of Rock and Roll is from 1988

can use more fake Books (Song books with music)

Encyclopedia of Folk Music


American Film Insititute Desk Reference c2002

Rules of the Game  by Diagram Group c1990



Novel and Short Story writer's market c2004

Granger's Index to Poetry c1986 Available online?

Novels for Students Available online?

What do I read next? Available online?

Oxford companion to English literature. c1960








  • More Steven Seagal films
  • Need a little bit more about the history of Motown (There's a film called The Five Heartbeats)
  • Need more Foreign films



We need more non-movie DVDs. These would be ones about biology, the sciences, most major areas of study, history, etc. We have a lot in video format, but we are getting more and more requests for them as DVDs.

Spotty circulation of the exercise videos- some circed well- others not yet.


Will need DVD versions of BBC TV series - especially Mysteries.


Music CDs (and a few MP3 Cds)


Fair circulaton of Classical

Good circ of Swing and Jazz


No more Christmas/ Holidayt music needed- poor circs.



Requested Items List:

Items requested by patrons and staff- includes Webmail requests: all requests that were not forwarded to selectors.

Has checkboxes to show whether the item was acted on or not.:


REQUEST LIST 2007.doc : (Older copy, new copy is updated on EQ REfshare)


Draft 1

Draft 2




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