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E-Government Plantation Grant

Page history last edited by Victor Lorand 9 years, 12 months ago

EQ Plantation Grant 2011

Victor succesffully applied for the grant for 1 Netbooks for 2011 in conjunction with Pres. of FOL, Ron Cutsinger (FOL will provide extra needed funds to make a purchase of 3 Netbooks)


EQ E-Government Plantation Grant 2008 (DM, JP, TH, VL)



  • Due Dec.1
  • Submitted Nov. 24, 2008


Next meeting: TBA Agenda


1. Decide whether to use PBwiki, or the SharePoint Wiki (http://enet.scgov.net/Libraries/elsiequirk/EQ%20Wiki/EQ%20Wiki%20Government.aspx

or both (VL notes- but shouldn't have to post info twice)

Pro-PBWiki: easier to edit and quicker to access

Pro-SP Wiki:

2. Report on assignments and strategize next steps.

3. Contact Chamber of Commerce / report?

4. $ 700-Estimated amount of Grant:  for WiFi computer plus printer plus repair contract

    $300- PR/ brochures

    $1,000-1,200 BT Cart: EQ Plantation Grant Special Account Nov. 2008

    ?$300- for Spinner rack for E-Gov. literature?

    Total total= 2000-2500- finalize an amount. [Note on Nov 24th: Amount finalized: 2,000]




Accomplishments/ Status of assignments:

VL- Contacted Janita at NP at shared her email response (Job fairs, Shine volunteer, AARP tax person during tax season)

VL- left message with Sun classifieds person, Kerry Floyd, awaiting response

Note: Will need to word classified ad

VL- Asked Tamar for a list of E-gov. brochures (11/17) that are awaiting approval and/or are already approved and she shared the I drive info (under i/csbc/libraries_share/government partnership group/DCF and DMV)

VL- Contacted Melanie and she reported same info at Tamar

VL - contacted Jobs Etc. in venice and Sally Hill of the Work Force board (Sep. 2007 and 2008 comparitive Unemployment stats: 5.1% and 7.6% respectively

Jobs etc reports helping 100 applicants per day.

VL- began B&T cart (Plan B) EQ Plantation Grant Special Account Nov. 2008- $ amount?


TH- Contacted MCC and AARP: MCC could be a source of student volunteers. AARP is looking to decrease time spent by workers at each location to increase their training.

TH- Pointed out E=Govt. seminar- repost here the date and time?=


DM - Drafting Grant,

DM- Found cost  info of GED Online (5,000 for Institutional license)

DM- Reported on Teen Volunteers

DM- Pricing of laptop- is following up with cost of repair contract and looking into Resume software

DM- Contacting Pasco E-Govt Librarian


JP: Contacting Helping Hand, Senior Friendship Center, FOL, ?Score?


Special meeting: Nov 7th- Re: plantation Grant ideas:

1. Computer for applicants: use of laptops?; an addional dedicated computer would require a maintenance contract

   A. Volunteer to help applicants



2. Collection development:

Small business/individual job searching


Sustainable families

Rosetta Stone




3. Display furniture

   A. Coordinated plan for display (Plan C?: Spinner rack for E-Gov. brochures?)


 Research Assignments:

Ask the Sun Herald about afree ad for asking for Volunteers to help applicants


Toni: Contact AARP, MCC,


Jennifer: Contact Helping Hand, Senior Friendship Center, FOL, ?Score?


Victor: Ask Janita at North Port about their Egovernment support; Contact Jobs Etc. about what they provide and do they have business stats on unmemployment?

Ask Tamar about the Egovt. information draft, Contact Melanie (head of SCPL Egovt. Committee

Victor is in Charge of Plan B (Collection Development carts)


Deirdre: YA/ Teen Volunteers networking, Contact pasco E-government Librarian, ask about plans for acquisition of online GED study books, price laptops for designated e-gov use, look into resume software

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