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Minutes Archive

Page history last edited by Victor Lorand 9 years, 2 months ago


Jan 24, 830-9am

1. Security for PGU1 Laptop.

It was decided to ask Jennifer for permission to drill a 9/16" hole in the table top holding the PGU1 Laptop. Jennifer approved. Victor drilled the hole. Theft attempts would have to cut, remove the security cable.




EQ REF:11/29/'11, present: Jennifer, Toni, Victor

1. Where to put the 3 car chargers? -They are currently below lantern batteries in upstairs supply closet.  Answer: in the bags

     a. 3 empty laptop bags are also in the supply closet.

     b.  Reference/program room laptop is in laptop bag in Ref Office

     c. New Plantation General Public Use Laptop is not assigned for Take-out in the Emergency procedures plan. Assigned to Jennifer (no charger)

         1.) Current Emergency procedure laptop take-out assignments: Egov Laptop- Victor- Bag under V desk, has charger

         2.) Docked laptop- Toni- Bag under Fax, has charger

         3.) REF/Program Room laptop- Michele S. (Has charger)

         4.) General Purpose Laptop- Unassigned  - assigned to Jennifer     

5. Cris W. assigned EQ Youth Laptop, bag placed by laptop in Youth staff work area

2.  December Book Island Display topics? suggested: Holiday non-fiction, Toni is working on Glass cases



Oct 20, 2011

1. EQ REF pledged to: keep everything clean (screens, keyboards, counters, in back of computers, headphones, tables, magazine fronting surfaces, replace golf pencils and notepaper, keep note paper stocked. Periodically weed magazines/newspapers, check paper in copier(s), perform all morning tasks as per Opening procedures. (Note: Source document: CleaningByEQREF pledge Oct 2011 TH.pdf ), keep timely printout of Daily meetings for Morning meeting; Keep having EQ REF monthly meetings; keep Island displays of books full, make sure to get signatures of signatories for Displays (Plastic and glass case displays)


2. New Business: replace old spinner rack with non-plastic rack: findings/recommendations (post meeting: use Straighten-ups (EQ Youth is using) in rack with 1 to 1.5 inch pockets ( for 8.5x11 inch paper )about 8 inches tall.


3. Mac club has asked Victor how to contribute to EQ (3 years ago, the Mac club bought a Scanner for EQ REF via FOL) Victor suggested buying a Mac. Jennifer pointed out that IT will not allow it and suggested the Mac club contribute funds toward the EQ Computer Lab room.


Sep.9, 2011 EQ REF Meeting (Deirdre, Toni, Victor)

1. Victor made notes of needed preparations for Intradepartmental Vacations

2. Victor sent the TFOP order for 2011

3. Toni commented that all flyers/handouts need to have containers, per J.P.

4. Deirdre noted she had to print 25 more Sep. Adult Calendars (1st 25 were used up- taken!)

New Business: Ordering Egov laptop for Plantation Grant- not received what model IT will allow- who to ask? Who should ask?


June 14, Informal EQ REf Meet:

1. Toni finished updating Flip Book

2. Don't put D. on Desk sched. when has a program.


Jan- April 28, 2011 Summary of informal 1/2 EQ REF meetings:

1. Projectors were purchased and installed

2. Office depot orders- ongoing

3. Plantation Grant was successful- FOL will provide funds for 2, Grant for 1 Laptop.

4. New fiber was installed- Egov laptop is now not connecting to Internet- IT ticket has been written- as a patron laptop displayed the same problem (clicking accept button leads to Bluecoat screen- a loop)

5. Island displays were used for Tax forms Jan-April 2011



Oct 21, 2010 REF Meeting

1. Discussed projector replacement research (3,500$ budget?) -can't know how the equipment will function with what we have, until we get it.

2. Discussed Plantation Grant- Netbooks, Egov laptop, AV closet equipment- Victor will write the grant (est. $1,200)Decide what to do by Nov 30.

3. Volunteer sign-in for on the desk computer (Dot) is not working- Jennifer will investigate (Andrea)

4. Summary of IDP accomplishments due Nov 1.

5. to dial 911, shift button, green button, dial 911 (or use fax machine phone or cell phone)


Feb and March 2010- No meeting.


 Meeting 8:45am-9:45am Jan 26, 2009 EQ Supers/REF Meet (4th Tuesday of the Month)


1. Planning needs for Construction deadlines: Empty back counter, weed Ref Office and Desk- AV storage- waiting on what to do with cord to projector.

2. Jennifer's other News

3. Ref. Weeding Plan discussion. More weeding of Ref!

4. Other: Laser printer? (replacement?)- wait!

5. Order 2 gig ram for Docked REf Office laptop to enable upgrade to Office 2007? wait!


6. Performance plans- coming.



No Meeting in Dec.


1. Open Office has been installed on the Egov laptop. Tech Soup- acquisition news/progress of Microsoft Office for EGOV computer.

    R. Vaura mentioned- the home use PC discount for use of Microsoft Office from IT = 10$ (Shipping and handling fee)



Meeting 9am-9:05am Oct 27,  2009 EQ Supers/REF Meet (4th Tuesday of the Month)


1. Tech Soup- acquisition of Microsoft Office for EGOV computer- waiting on Sarabeth

2. Jennifer's News

3. Ref. Weeding Plan: Weeding is continued.

4. Toni's Nov 12 appt.-=Schedule change: Nov 12, 1-3pm Wireless laptops for Raw Beginners, Step One.

5. Meeting to be followed up by Inter-EQ-emails for any other pertinent items.


Meeting Aug 25, 2009, 8-9am

1. Review of laws concerning privacy in libraries

2. Bid has gone out for the redesign project.

3. Hours were discussed.


Meeting 8am-9am July 28,  2009 EQ Supers/REF Meet (4th Tuesday of the Month)

1. Tech Soup- acquisition of Microsoft Office for EGOV computer. (Not discussed)

2. Weeding: Interns, Asha and Ryan are pulling from the weeds list. And Sabrina.

    They are also looking up BetterWorld books from the Donated books and boxing them. 

     Ryan completed the EGov training online courses.

3. Victor will contact the Englewood Arts center to ask if they are interested in making a display in the Glass case for August/and or Sept. 09.(Not discussed)


4. Victor described his experience in the trial with Brainfuse.

5. Intern Sabrina will work thru Aug. 14

6. No word on installation of fiber

7. Volunteer login is still nonfunctional

8. Bid has not gone out yet for the Building redesign.



Agenda/minutesMeeting EQ Supers/REF June 23 , 2009 8-9am

1. Further weeding? How much space is needed? (Discussed?)

2. Need to discuss using 2 adult volunteers - Paul and Carolyn - for egov and other computer help-



April 21, 8-9am Supers/EQ REF Meeting. (Jennifer P. Michele S, Cris W., Deirdre, Victor L. [notetaker])

1. Weeding of the collection- who/when/what first.: The weeding Posse is scheduled to weed the rest of Non-fiction and fiction in May.

Victor will weed the Music -CDs.

2. Does EQ REF Meet in addition to the Supers meet? It was mention at one time that we should meet periodically to see how we can work better as a team.(Toni)

Jennifer responded that it is not required to have an additional EQ REf meeting.

3. Weeding of 98/2000 Computer CD-Roms (Toni)

They will be weeded.

4. News: EQ Renovation is now slated for Oct.

5. Other depts besides REf will schedule their 2 hrs. per month per staff member Roving.

6. Cross training will be completed, and refreshing one's cross training is recommended.

7. No news of the Meeting Room Initiative.

8. Fiber for EQ is still scheduled for May.

9. Prorated cards are still in the works.

10. To aid the automated materials check-in team, EQ will do a time study of the materials check-in processes - Due this week.

11. There is a survey on the Scgov main page asking for input on the most needed services.

12. Suncoast labor Workforce will be hiring 300-400 teenagers this summer for work in the parks and libraries.



March 17, Tuesday 8-9am Supers/EQ REF Meeting: (Jennifer P. Michele S, Cris W., Victor L. [notetaker])


1. FOL Request for Funds: Finalize amounts/ Brainstorming Page:

A working draft: (suggested amounts/ideas penciled in initially by Victor)


Aiming for approx. 56% of last year's approved amounts:

A. Adult Materials: Approved last year = 5k, Request this year= $2,000

    1. Topical areas for concentration?: 


B. Equipment/Furnishings/Power Poles/Signage:

   1. Power Poles:  Approved last year = 800; request this year: $600

   2. Signage: Approved last year= 1,200: Request this year= $500

3. Furniture: $1,000 - Talking Point: What kinds of furniture will be needed as a result of the renovation?


C. Adult Programs: 1. Lemon Bay Fest (Toni suggests leave the same at $500


                            2. System Wide Progs., last year= 800, Toni recommends for 09-10= $500


                            3. Film programs: Approved last year but not spent= 300: Request this year: $200


                            4. Food: Approve last year and not spent: 200: Request this year: $150


Total: $5,450


Above figures were discussed.

Jennifer, "Due date March 20th."


2. Go over Community partners list (in EQREFshare in Monthly reports)

(do all the partners belong on the list?)

Community Partnerships.doc

Jennifer asks that the list be sent to her.


3. Jennifer reported the position descriptions are almost done and will need to signed off on.


4. Toni showed the signs advertising the sustainability programs in April.


5. Victor mentioned that he could handle a bigger (that is, same size= 20) class (Wireless Laptops for Seniors) if he had help in the 1st half hour getting the participants logged in. Jennifer suggested recruiting from members of the 1st class or the computer club.


6. Reference roving was discussed. [EQ goal of 2 hours of Reference roving per month]

    1. Jennifer stated that Rovers will have to rove for a minimum of 1/2 hour.

    2. Victor proposed a Roving Model- of 5 minutes per hour on the hour- as in 5 minutes, a rover would already have been in every area of the EQ building twice and patrons value a certain amount of non-supervision/privacy. Michele pointed out that when  a patron does have an involved question, this could then consume an extra 10-15 minutes.

    3. Michele pointed out that when shelving- a patron would be reluctant to disturb a worker, so shelving would not be a proper activity for a rover- except for quick straightening- such as papers in the vestibule.


7. Jennifer reported to expect a reduced book budget of 31% and that the library is required to investigate LSSI as an alternative model of operating.


8. Jennifer reported that Victor or Deirdre (not present) will investigate speaker headphones for laptops at meetings (presentations); Guestimated price: 80$.


9. Jennifer reported there will be a standardized phone menu at each library (coming soon).


10. Jennifer shared a report on number of patrons per hour- EQ was the 3rd or 4th busiest library behind Selby, Venice, and Gulf Gate. (187 visits per hr.)



11. Victor shared an idea for a new program: "MP3 Players for Patrons: How to download Auidiobooks and Tunes".


12. Cris shared the observation that people/speakers have to be booked now for programs for the summer, though the FOL budget won't be approved till April.


Book Island Displays for February 2009

1. (Lemon Bay Dessert Contest) Cookbooks/LBF programs (animals/mystery)

2. Books with "Lemon" in the title or Lemon-themed


February 24, 2009 8-9am Supers and EQ REF Meeting Minutes (Notetaker: Victor)

1. Genealogy CDs to weed? Jennifer said to not weed the Cds at this time because_________?

Victor noted that the CDs have been used once in the last year- coincidentally last week. The Microfilm computer allowed the viewing software to download- so it now doubles as the Genealogy CD viewer. Attempting to put the software on the Public PCs was cancelled due to being to complicated/time consuming for IT.


2. Feedback and input on Database use survey- "one's we can live without." No discussion ensued. March 6 deadline was reiterated.

3. Community Events- Statistics: Alexce and Jennifer explained the newly revised Dept. monthly, quarterly, and Annual stats forms.

Victor saved the forms sent by Jennifer by email to EQ REfshare in the Monthly Reports folder (inside this folder there is a Qtrly folder). Victor plans to also save these blanks on the EQ Sharepoint site.




February 4, 2009 8-9am Supers and EQ REF Meeting Minutes (Notetaker: Victor)

1. FOL book order/cart:

Deirdre is doing the cart

2. Brainstorm/ delegate or discuss labels/or repositioning of EQ Office/REf Desk  items for the EQ REf area- for knowing  where things are as an aid to the One Desk concept and for Crosstraining.

Jennifer recommended weeding to Circ collection items not used weekly- and to list items needed to know in the Cheat sheet.

3. Weeding of Genealogy Cds: Not discussed



Book Island Displays for January 09

1. Presidential inauguration

2. New Year's Resolutions


Tables will be acquired with FOL monies (after May 1?)- Fiscal 2008-9?






 Notes of EQ REF meeting: Date: October 4, 2007 Thursday 8:30am. Notetaker: Victor: 2pm

Present: Kim, Toni, Victor, Cris, Michele S.


1. Discuss progress on weeding:

Victor estimated a finish time of about 1 month: except for CD books and music:

a. Will ask Jenny if she is doing CDs.


2. Discuss next displays for book islands (November):

a. YA Nonfiction

b. Native American


3. Repair of typewriter reminder (New Budget year):

a. Chris/Michele suggested using the Cannon from______Circ/Youth?


4. Consistency in Procedures

Since Charlote County will soon implement, among many other policy changes, a charge of $5/hour for guest use of their computers, we predict a large influx of patrons. This makes us concerned about maintaining consistency with our own procedures. Here are some of the concerns we would like to review.


A. Phone etiquette:

Victor reviewed that we should be asking the patron if is ok to take a phone call and then to ask the caller if it is ok to take their number.

a. Or if already on the phone, to ask the caller if one can put them on hold.

b. Chris suggested putting patron on hold as opposed to taking the number.

c. Kim, Victor, Michele and Toni mentioned frequent dropped call problems from all phones. Kim noticed it happens more to Ref phones than to Youth phones.

d. Chris suggested keeping a call log.


B. Checking out Reference books and magazines:


Procedures were reviewed: Ref will be weeded with an eye toward making check-outable items checkout/circulating.

Victor mentioned the grey area items for which REf librarian discretion has been the option: Non law, nonmedical, noncollectible items that are not costly but are currently in REF.

Chris suggested reviewing an items status when the patron wants to checkout and a ref. lib wants to check it out to the patron.

Michele mentioned the extra difficulty for Circ. in checking out ref items.

Agreed: that when a patron asks to checkout a reference title, that we would take them to the circulating collection first to find a suitable replacement and only allow the reference title to circulate as a last resort.


Genealogy magazines circulate but not other magazines. Victor recalled letting 2 magazines (donateds) circulate recently.

Therefore to remember not to circ. any magazines.


C. Patrons use of CD ROM & jump drives on staff & upstairs computer/Low vision computer:


REf will look at the policies in place, and enforce. Victor will ask at REF rep meeting or by email what procedures are at other libs.


D. Making exceptions for people when charging $0.15 for each printed page:


Victor mentioned (for example) printing for impatient patrons- for example: a wikipedia article while looking for in-depth materials to reduce patron impatience- which is working- Thus printing generated that is not asked for.

For consistency- ask for .15/page if they want to keep such printouts.


Kim suggested a limit of 2 pages- for example a catalog page printout- with item locations in the library system.


E. Regular card holders using guest passes & restriction of 2 sessions a day per patron:


Toni changed the PC reserve to ensure the 2 sessions limit per day is enforced.

Patrons with library cards may not have Guest passes to subvert the system.



F. Possibly having a longer Reference meeting time:


Kim requested a longer meeting time: Therefore, next ref meet will start at 8am.

Next ref. meet will be Nov. 1. (per Toni, Kim, Victor)


5. Inputting the Request list into the collection profile as opposed to Request list 2007.


Some confusion was caused by having a copy of the Request List 2007 on the Wiki, which has the Collection profile- which is for noting collection weaknesses while weeding, while the Request list is for specific requests and recommendations and is updated in Refshare.

To eliminate confusion, about what should be on the Wiki and what on Refshare, before the busy season, EQ Ref will address organizing of electronic fles for EQ REF at the next EQREf meet.



Meeting Notes: August 23, 2007 Thurs. 8:30am


1. Discuss Weeding and changes to Wiki:

Agreed to put Weeding relevant links in the Weeding page to keep the Navigation Sidebar links simple and easy to follow.

Weeding is on schedule. Predicted finish in 7-10 weeks.


2. Next book displays for September: 1. Large print NonFiction 2. Sustainability


3. Method and time period for EQ periodicals in house-use study. (Ebsco order is due Sep. 12, 2007)

Victor will make signs for behind each periodical on the Racks; make a box for one of the chairs in the AV/periodical room for patrons to place their looked at periodicals, and make a survey asking the patrons what they read periodicalwise- all on bright colored paper. Youth staff will be consulted before commencing the survey/in-house use study.


4. Ebsco order- review periodicals. Agreed to replace Booklist with Sports Illustrated. Will run Ebsco list by Youth Staff. Victor will ask Ruth Levy when to expect review of Ingram list.


Open Discussion:

Kim is handing out the 2005 Sarasota Green pages, there is no link to their site on the Sustainability link on the SCPL Home page.

Victor suggested that Toni offer making a Wiki and exploration of Teleconferencing to LBF and Cracker fair preparers.

Toni will finish the Movie schedule for September, enabling Kim to concentrate on Sustainability.

Victor updated the EQ Reference Cheat sheet.



Meeting Notes: Thursday, July, 19 2007 8:30am


1. Revision of weeding documents (see other pages on this Wiki- Collection Profile):

Collection profile was discussed. Victor added recommended additions to the Collection profile (Fishing, Humour, Geneaology, Civil and WW II) Kim has been updating the profile while weeding.


2. Weeding of reference files was discussed. Toni is weeding Office REf files. Victor will begin the REf Maroon drawer files. Kim says the Green Drawer files are in good shape.


3. Discuss how to invite Nonfiction selection team or member to visit EQ and also how to propose requesting more book funds from FOL to take care of Request List 2007.

A. make sure collection dev. team member gets Request List and Collection profile.

B. Kim is making collection suggestions on Collection profile (on this wiki)


Victor mentioned the email by Sara Barnett which says SCPL will likely move to having full time collection development people. Therefore, Kim and Toni suggested EQ REF will wait till these people are named. But meanwhile, by inputting the Request list into the collection profile, the Collection development people can be asked to consult the Collection profile. It was agreed Victor will input the Request list 2007 before the next EQ REF meeting.


it was agreed to begin Large print weeding after History is completed. Then Audiobooks, followed by Fiction A-Z, then Biography, & then Reference. Circ will do the Videos, DVDs and CDs.


IDP REFERENCE TEAM Performance 5 17 2007 new form.doc (is in REf Share in Business process Plan 2007

this was the last draft we updated at the last meeting)

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